Local feedback crucial for bus connects success

by Gazette Reporter
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Fianna Fail’s Dundrum Councillor Shay Brennan has voiced both his support and concerns regarding the ongoing Bus Connects project, which aims to overhaul bus routes to improve services across the area. 

While the initiative promises enhanced public transport services, it has also led to decreased accessibility for many long-time users, pushing them back towards car reliance—a move that could undermine the project’s core objectives.

“Bus Connects holds great promise for transforming our public transport system,” said Councillor Brennan. “However, the execution thus far has sidelined too many of our residents who depend on these services the most. While I welcome the recent adjustments to the S6, S8, and 116 routes, the cancellation of the 175, 17 & 75 routes have left many in the community without viable public transportation options” he went on to say that “of further concern is the ambiguity surrounding the future of the 14 route.”

Brennan urged the NTA to incorporate local feedback into their planning process more effectively.  “I am calling on the NTA to revisit their approach to community engagement and to accept our invitation to discuss the Bus Connects project with the public representatives for the area,” the Councillor added. “We have a wealth of feedback from everyday bus users—real data that could guide improvements and ensure the project meets the needs of our community.”

The Councillor urges NTA to leverage local insights to address the current gaps in service and to continue refining the bus network to truly benefit all residents. The goal should not just be to increase frequency but to create a more connected, accessible, and user-friendly transportation system.

·       Bus Connects Overview: A project aimed at overhauling bus routes to improve frequency, reliability and cut journey times.

·       Councillor Support: Councillor Shay Brennan supports the initiative but raises concerns about accessibility and increased car dependency among former bus users.

·       Specific Issues Highlighted: Recent route adjustments acknowledged, but discontinuation of route 75 and uncertainty around route 14 are causing significant community concern.

·       Call to Action: Councillor Brennan urges the NTA to accept the invitation for a collaborative meeting with local councillors to discuss community-driven improvements to the Bus Connects project.

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