Calling Dublin primary school students with bright ideas!

Applications are now open for the 2024 Primary Science Fair

by Alex Greaney
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BT Ireland is delighted to announce that it is searching for the next generation of young scientists in Ireland, as applications are now officially open for the Primary Science Fair.

The Primary Science fair will run alongside the 60th BTYSTE and takes place on Thursday, January 11th, and Friday, January 12th, 2024, in Dublin. 

·                Projects can explore a diverse range of scientific areas

·                Applications can be submitted by up to 30 students in 3rd to 6th class 

·                The closing date for applications is Monday October 23rd at 5pm  

3rd to 6th class students are encouraged to come together and turn their curiosity into projects for the opportunity to represent their school at the 2024 Primary Science Fair. Class sizes of up to 30 students are eligible to enter and schools must submit their entries by Monday, October 23rd at 5pm.

The projects can explore a wide range of interesting scientific areas from living things, environmental awareness and care, energy forces to the make-up of materials. If more than one of these areas interest students, the good news is schools can enter multiple times! Participating schools will find out in November if they will be showcasing their projects at the Primary Science Fair in January 2024. 

Speaking ahead of the BTYSTE 2024 deadline, Mari Cahalane, head of the BTYSTE said, “The Primary Science Fair is an opportunity for curious young minds to explore and participate in the world of science in a fun way and to ignite a lifelong passion in research and innovation. At BT Ireland, it is our mission to give young people the opportunity to explore the wonders of science, and welcome some of the brightest young minds of tomorrow to the Primary Science Fair in Dublin this January.’’

Projects can be entered under the one of the following four categories:

– Living Things – Human life, plant, and animal life.

– Materials – properties and characteristics of materials; materials and change,

– Environmental Awareness and Care – environmental awareness; science and the environment; caring for the environment,

– Energy and Forces – light; sound; heat; magnetism and electricity; forces.

For more information on the Primary Science Fair at BTYSTE 2024, please visit

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