President Higgins thanks Brother Kevin for his “invaluable service” to the Community

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Alex Greaney

President Michael D Higgins has paid tribute to Brother Kevin Crowley who retired last Friday 19th August, from his role at the Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin after over 50 years of service.

The Capuchin Day Centre has provided meals and food parcels to tens of thousands of people since it was set up in 1969.

Brother Kevin, 87, was inspired to set up the centre after he witnessed men eating out of the bins of the city. Due to his efforts the centre now provides over 900 meals daily and 1,500 food parcels weekly. has been a shining light for the homeless and people in need since then.

Brother Kevin said: “I’m sad really to be leaving the homeless people and the people that I have met down through the years, fantastic people, people with difficulties, sad stories, good stories. I hope that when I leave here the same dignity, the same respect will be given to people coming here.”

Alan Bailey, Manager at the Capuchin Day Centre, said Brother Kevin was always the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night: “The spirit of kindness and charity that he shows is unbelievable, he is never in bad humour, he is here first thing in the morning, he used to be in here at 4am every morning putting on the sausages, we would come in at 6am and he would say good afternoon, he is that kind of person.”

President Higgins said of Brother Kevin’s retirement: “May I take this opportunity to extend my very best wishes to Brother Kevin Crowley as he retires today from the Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin. Since founding the centre in 1969, Brother Kevin has led an invaluable service that is providing essential food and compassion to those most in need in our capital city.

Pope Francis has spoken of a ‘culture of indifference’ and has challenged us all not to avert our gaze or to turn away from those who suffer on our shared planet. Brother Kevin, and those who work alongside him, in their work are meeting this challenge every day.”

May I take this opportunity to thank Brother Kevin and all those in the Capuchin Day Centre for their great spirit of shared humanity and determined pursuit of dignity, their practical work in the delivery of human rights for all our fellow citizens. May I wish Brother Kevin my very best wishes for the future on his return to his native Cork.”

PHOTO – Pope Francis during lauded the work of Brother Kevin and his colleagues during the Pope’s visit to the Capuchin Day Centre in 2018.

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