Niall ‘Bressie’ Breslin’s Where is My Mind? Podcast Back With A Brand New Season

Niall Breslin’s multi-award winning Where Is My Mind? podcast launches a brand new season across all podcast platforms

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Niall Breslin’s WHERE IS MY MIND? podcast makes a much-awaited return with a brand new season this week. The podcast explores how we can better look after our heads and our hearts in the head-melty chaos of the modern world. 

Created and hosted by Niall ‘Bressie’ Breslin, musician, author, mindfulness expert and former professional athlete, who has become one of Ireland’s most formidable and paradigm-shifting mental health campaigners, the show will premiere brand new episodes every Monday. 

The first episode comes with a timely reminder; ‘When You Lose Your Head, Find Your Feet,’ which will guide listeners to a better understanding of the principles of mindfulness and how it is fast becoming the most important ally to the modern mind. The second episode features an interview with holocaust survivor and world-renowned psychologist Dr. Edith Eger about her incredible story of hope. 

Launching across all platforms, the new season comes in partnership with the award-winning podcast network ‘Lemonada Media,’ in the US. It promises even more honest, vulnerable, bold and thought provoking exploration, as well as heart-stimulating conversations about how we can look after the beauty and the beast that is the mind. 

Having interviewed the likes of Deepak Chopra, Moby, Adam Grant, Andrew Huberman, Adam Clayton, Jon Ronson, Gretchen Rubin and Jameela Jamil to name just a few,  Niall will once again speak with an array of the top global leaders and thinkers in the space of the human condition. 

Speaking about the new partnership Lemonada Media’s founders said: “Niall’s joyful and inclusive approach to the world is a perfect fit for Lemonada, and will help us continue to expand our reach over the Atlantic and with male audiences,” shares Lemonada’s Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, Stephanie Wittels Wachs. 

“We’ve been hoping Niall would join us for a few years now. We’re pinching ourselves and so excited to bring him into the Lemonada ecosystem and to expand our self-care, mental health, and music-centric slate with the show,” adds Lemonada co-founder and director Jessica Cordova Kramer.

Speaking about the new season of the podcast and its partnership with Lemonada, Niall said:

“The podcast medium is a truly unique way of communicating with an audience. For me so much of what we consume, especially on social media, is devoid of context. Without context all we get is division and noise, at a time when society needs to figure out how to become collective. Podcasts allow for the nuance and context that is so desperately necessary in other areas of culture. That is why I love them. I love listening to them, and I especially love making them.

The new season aims to communicate through reliability, vulnerability and functionality. More than anything I hope it helps those that listen to it navigate the beauty and the beast that is the mind, is a world that asks a lot of it.  And working with Lemonada feels like home for the podcast. There is a real heart and soul in what they all do and it is already home to my favorite podcasts. An immense team built on the unshakeable foundations of connection, empathy and friendship. I can’t wait to get going with them.”

Breslin will also be releasing his hugely popular ’31 Days Of Mindfulness,’ to help guide people through the challenging month of January and build towards a more present, connected and fulfilling year ahead. Available by subscribing to Lemonada Premium on Apple Podcasts.

And for those who want a more up close and personal experience, Breslin will be hosting his first live Where Is My Mind? podcast show in the 3Olympia Theatre in Dublin on Friday, April 28th.

Where Is My Mind? is produced by Niall Breslin and Aoife Plunkett. 

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