Boozed-up thugs brag of attacks on social media

by Sylvia Pownall
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GARDAI are investigating reports of broken bottles being thrown at people walking their dogs in the grounds of Malahide Castle.
Last week, a mob of teenage vandals arrived armed with bottles of beer, fast food and barbeques and proceeded to hurl abuse at anyone walking past them.
In one instance, a broken bottle was lobbed through the air and in another one of the youths picked up someone’s dog and ran off with it.
When reports of the incident surfaced on a community Facebook page, some users left obscene messages boasting of their exploits.
Fingal County Council confirmed the park rangers spent much of last Wednesday, August 31, cleaning up the mess the thugs left behind on the green in front of the cricket pitch.
The area was strewn with broken glass, while large patches of grass were burnt and the artificial wicket was destroyed after a fire was lit on it.
Disturbingly, the vandalism was reported on the Enjoy Malahide Facebook page where dozens of foul-mouthed and abusive replies were posted commenting on a “great sesh”. These have since been removed.
However, other users of the site urged that gardai pursue the “young sewer mouths” via their Facebook profiles.
One wrote: “I’m sure their parents would like to know what filthy mouths their little darlings have and question them about the damage they have done. Screenshot their Facebook page and I’m sure it will be quite easy to find where they live.”
Another commented: “It is local teenagers. I see them around the village all the time. This summer has been a nightmare. Where are their parents?”
Last year, anti-social behaviour by a group of teenagers on the green led to complaints to gardai.
According to social media reports, there were several calls made to both Malahide and Coolock garda stations, but neither had the manpower to send a patrol car.
Fingal County Council confirmed the area beside the cricket grounds had been left strewn with rubbish.
A garda spokesman was unavailable for comment.

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