Bollards could soon hit key streets to stop terror

by Emma Nolan
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TERRORISM-thwarting bollards could be placed on Grafton Street to prevent vehicle attacks following the attack in Barcelona this month.

Metal bollards are being considered for some of our busiest pedestrian areas such as Grafton Street and Henry Street, with Dublin City Council (DCC) meeting with gardai to discuss the possible security options.

A spokesperson for DCC told The Gazette that a risk analysis is currently under way to assess what measures could be implemented.

They said: “Meetings have taken place between Dublin City Council and An Gardai Siochana on the issue of retractable bollards and a risk analysis of areas in the city centre is being undertaken to determine where any additional measures may be needed, and the type and nature of any required interventions.”

The bollards planned will be retractable and are designed to prevent the possibility of a vehicle being driven into pedestrians.

The van attack in Barcelona earlier this month is the latest in a spate of similar attacks which have occurred throughout Europe in the past year.

A man drove a truck into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice in the south of France last year, killing 86 people.

Last December, another truck driver mowed down shoppers attending a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 people and wounding dozens more.

In June, seven people were killed and dozens more injured when knife-wielding terrorists drove across London Bridge, running over pedestrians before getting out and attacking people in the crowded Borough Market area.

City councillor Ciaran Cuffe (GP) said “it makes sense” for Dublin to be prepared for such attacks in light of recent ones.

Speaking to The Gazette, he said: “It makes sense to prepare for, and learn from all tragic events such as that which took place recently in Barcelona.

“Realistically, it may be difficult to prepare all car-free areas from such attacks. If we were to protect some streets, then what about bus and Luas stops?

“I understand our traffic officials are preparing a report on these issues, and I will carefully consider all options available to us.

“I do however strongly believe that efforts to assist in the integration of immigrant communities are the best way of reducing risks from events such as these.”

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