Bohemians’ Refugees Welcome jersey goes global in new FIFA game

by Dublin Gazette
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The Bohemian FC away jersey from has gone global, in partnership with Amnesty International, in EA’s FIFA 2021 updated game.

The jersey features an image of a family fleeing, with the words ‘Refugees Welcome’, and also features the famous ‘Love Football, Hate Racism’ slogan.  

Amnesty International Ireland launched its partnership with Bohemian FC in early 2020, with the jersey going viral on social media.

It also went on to become the club’s best-seller, with people ordering it from over 40 countries around the world, from China to the British Virgin Islands.  

Now, Amnesty International branches around the world are joining in to support the jersey’s launch in EA Games’ updated FIFA 2021, which is played by more than 45 million people worldwide.

Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland, called on gamers around the world to embrace the message. 

O’Gorman said: “Gamers and football fans are powerful communities, with a huge reach. The response to the jersey in Ireland was incredible. We’re hoping the gaming community take it global now. 

“In a time when global leaders are demonising refugees, stoking fear and hatred against people fleeing for their lives, it’s up to every community to take responsibility and fight back. 

“The tragic drownings in the Mediterranean sea, and recently in the UK channel, show that anti-refugee rhetoric leads to policies that cost people their lives. It turns communities against one another, and breaks down our common humanity. So while the ‘Refugees Welcome’ message is straightforward, it is powerful.”

In gameplay, when you select Bohemian FC as your team, the update to FIFA 2021 includes the option to choose the football club’s away-jersey, which features the logos. 

Daniel Lambert, Chief Operating Officer for Bohemian FC, said:  “Our ethos has always been that football brings people together, brings communities together, brings nations together. Football is a universal language that should always unite and never divide.  

“By playing with Bohemian FC in FIFA 2021 you represent these values; values of equality, inclusion and acceptance.” 

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