There are fears over height of residential units in Blackrock

by Rebecca Ryan
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Some residents in Blackrock have expressed concerns over the height and scale of a planning application in the area.

Ten-year permission has been sought for 294 residential units ranging from one to eight storeys high at Teresa’s House and St. Teresa’s Lodge in Temple Hill.

Local election candidate Gráinne Ferris (SF) told Dublin Gazette that locals have expressed their concern to her about the height of the building and which could conflict with the Local Area Plan (LAP) for Blackrock.

“I am most concerned that a Planning Application has been submitted to An Bord Pleanála for 294 Residential Units at Temple Hill, Blackrock, with the blocks ranging from one to eight storeys in height which contravenes the democratically agreed LAP for Blackrock 2015-2021.”

She highlighted that it is council policy to ensure that building height within the future developments in Blackrock does not “adversely impact on local amenity.”

“Notwithstanding the fact that this planning application is in contravention of the LAP, quite simply, high rise “homes” are contrary to proper planning and development and most certainly will not benefit the local community in Blackrock.”

Ms Ferris is hoping that planning application is rejected by An Bord Pleanála, with recommendations for a revised plan that is in keeping with Blackrock’s LAP.

Senator Victor Boyhan has further concerns and told Dublin Gazette that he is outraged at reports of proposals to dismantle the period Gate Lodge.

“I can confirm that I will be making a detailed submission to An Bord Pleanála (ABP) on this application and strongly opposing any attempt to remove the period gate lodge which is a designated Protected Structure.

“The developer that acquired the St Theresa site were fully aware of the planning framework and objective contained in both the Blackrock LAP and the CDP.

“I will be making a strong case to ABP that they must operate within the constraints and planning controls of the County Development Plan.”

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