Calls for better disabled parking in Donabate as fading signs are ignored

by Gary Ibbotson
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Drivers with disabilities are calling for reserved parking spaces at Donabate Village to be clearly marked after many able-bodied drivers have been seen parking in the spaces.

The paint signalling the specially reserved parking spots at Donabate Railway Station has faded significantly with many drivers, who are not displaying the appropriate badge, parking in the spaces – knowingly or unknowingly.

The issue was raised after a message was posted to the Donabate Village online community group asking able-bodied drivers to stop parking in the limited, reserved spaces.

“My husband and I are both disabled and both work in the city,” said the anonymous poster.

“In the last few weeks we have both noticed that able bodied people wait for other able-bodied people in the disabled spots.

“Granted they are hard to notice, due to lack of paint.

“But sometimes if we ask the drivers to move, we get told off and park elsewhere. We are not looking for much, just enough to get our small car to park there and be able to get the door wide open.”

Many commenters echoed the sentiment of the post saying that far too often they witness the malpractice in the village.

Speaking on the issue, Social Democrats councillor Paul Mulville said: “I’ve been made aware of this issue and have taken it up with Irish Rail. 

“This parking spot is at Donabate Railway Station, and not on the public road.  As such it is not the Council’s area of responsibility, unfortunately.

“I am supporting Access for All Ireland’s campaign for inclusive public transport, and have asked my colleague Deputy Roisin Shortall to submit a parliamentary question to the Minister for Transport in support of their demands,” he said.

Deputy Shortall said that she has raised the issue with the Minister for Transport and is waiting for a response.

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