Thousands react angrily to picture of woman’s wait in Beaumont hospital

by Dublin Gazette
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A picture of an elderly woman left waiting on a chair for more than 12 hours in Beaumont Hospital has garnered widespread anger.

Amanda Somers posted the picture of her distressed mother on Facebook last Saturday, saying that she was left to sit in a chair at 6:30pm on Friday evening, and was still left waiting for a bed at 8am the next day.

She wrote: “[My mother] is 67, had a lung removed in February and is currently going through an aggressive chemotherapy [treatment].

“She now has a clot in her leg and was left from 6.30pm last night on a chair and is still sitting there this morning at 8am with no sign of a bed.

“The scan she was promised during the night hasn’t happened; let alone the surgery they think she may require!

“This is our healthcare system, people – instead of pumping billions into a children’s hospital in the middle of an already overcrowded city centre, work with the system we already have in place and give people like my mother the dignity they deserve.

The doctors and nurses are run off their feet … people’s lives are at risk.”

The image attracted thousands of comments of people criticising the HSE and Minister for Health Simon Harris, with many criticising both for the overcrowding of hospitals across the country.

The image was also shared just under 6,000 times across Facebook.

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