Beacon apartment owners hit by €5k bills

by Rebecca Ryan
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SANDYFORD apartment owners at Beacon South Quarter have been slapped with bills for more than €5,000 each to pay for structural defects.

Apartment owners voted last year to pay more than €10m to fix the fire safety and other structural defects at the property.

Since the vote, it has been reported that the cost of the repairs has more than doubled, with the work now expected to cost more than €20m.

Homeowners fear they will not be able to sell their homes because of the issue.

Local Green Party TD for Dublin Rathdown Catherine Martin told Dublin Gazette homeowners are living a nightmare.

“I do not wish to comment on any specific development as I am acutely aware that singling out one development for such attention has potential to cause hurt. Moreover, this is a national issue that deserves a national response from Government with over 30 major developments nationwide affected by poor building practices by cowboy developers.

“I have been in regular contact with homeowners in a number of developments in my constituency in Dublin Rathdown who are living this nightmare following the discovery of defects in their homes. They have been abandoned by Government.”

Two weeks ago, Deputy Martin raised the issue in the Dail during Promised Legislation and asked when the Government intends to deal with the urgent need for state assistance for homeowners living in defective buildings.

At the debate she said:  “I am aware of at least three multi-unit developments in my constituency of Dublin Rathdown where residents, through absolutely no fault of their own, are facing repair and building works bills of between €7,000 and €30,000. Some are facing the threat of legal proceedings for the amounts, which it is claimed they owe.”

She asked does the Government intend to set up a redress scheme for such homeowners, as identified in the recent committee report.

Minister of State for Housing and Urban Development Damien English said the Department is looking through the report.

“I wish to be very clear at the outset. These are generally private contracts between people that relate to the construction of homes. The State and the Department are not usually involved in that. However, we will go through the report, see if any action should be taken and report back to the House.”

Deputy Martin intends to raise this issue again in the Dail this week.

“I am also drafting a Bill in relation to putting protections in place for future homeowners.”
Chairperson of the Beacon South Quarter Owners’ Group Killian Ryan said: “There is a lot of anger, fear and frustration at the situation. Anger that the developer, design team, builders and sub-contractors are not being held to account to fix these problems and the owners are being forced to pay for the works. Most of the above are still trading.”

“An Oireachtas Report was recently published, and we would call on the Government to implement the findings of this.”

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