Atrocious car park must be addressed in new Ballymastone Sport Hub project – says Labour rep

by Rose Barrett
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Rose Barrett

A local Labour Party representative has called on Fingal County Council to carry out resurfacing works at the car park currently being used in Ballymastone sports grounds.

Corina Johnston called on Fingal Co Co to include the upgrading of this car park in the Ballymastone Recreational Hub Project, which went to Part 8 in September last.

The sport hub in Donabate will deliver a world class sport and education campus, with third generation GAA/ two soccer sized fully floodlit all-weather pitches, an eight lane 400 Metre all-weather running track, three viewing stands, 16 x 15 mt high LED floodlights, a junior playground, along with a combined senior playground and skatepark approximately 1400 sq. mt.

Currently, the Ballymastone Sports Grounds is used by the popular St Pats GAA and St Ita’s AFC, among other sport users. Labour’s Deputy Duncan Smith, Cllr Rob O’ Donoghue and Ms Johnston have repeatedly drawn attention to the poor and dangerous condition of the car park there.

“In response to representations from club members and parents of juveniles, Fingal Co Co did carry out remedial works in May,” said Ms Johnston. “However, it has deteriorated further in recent months and could now be classified as a health and safety risk for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike.”

Fingal Co Co stated: “This car park is of a temporary nature and improvement works as requested by the clubs were carried out during 2021.

“There are no plans to carry out any further works in the current year. It is the responsibility of the various clubs to liaise with parents attending the grounds, and request that they take due care and attention in accessing the sports pitches.

“Any further minor works to the car park will be looked at in the context of other priorities in 2022.”

While Ms Johnston said she was “alarmed” at the council’s response, parents on social media were more vocal!

One woman wrote: “My teeth shake when driving on that surface…. Temporary or not, it is shockingly inadequate!”

Another responded to the council’s advice that parents parking there should take care and attention when accessing the sports pitches.

The car park at Ballymastone currently being used by parents and members of several sports clubs

“Easily said than done; how someone can avoid the massive holes in the dark? When holes are filled with rainwater? How can someone be careful? It’s like a rodeo. The majority of activities down there are after dark in the winter so the council should offer at least some insight into this,”

Fingal Co Co also stated that this car park does not form part of the Ballymastone Recreational Hub.

However, another user stated: “Whatever about a shoddy car park, the more pressing and dangerous aspect of Ballymastone is getting in and out of it in something other than a car!  Numerous incidents have now occurred between kids cycling and walking along the road to training.”

He suggested “It would cost very little to pull a track from the big tree through the scrub fields all the way to the car park.”

Ms Johnston noted the new sport hub will be home to three clubs with the largest membership in the parish, along with predicted population growth for the parish, she said there will be a need for overflow facilities and the upgrading of the existing car park within the hub project is essential.

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