Big hearted community rally for Ballyfermot couple

by Rose Barrett
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Rose Barrett

Saturday, March 5 saw Ballyfermot couple, Michelle and Mick Cordiff experience a nightmare incident, as they walked home, a ‘normal’ routine for the pair.

At the corner of Drumfinn Road and Drumfinn Avenue, two cars reputedly collided, causing one to lose control and mount the footpath, where unfortunately, Mick and Michelle were walking.

“This awful accident has had a huge impact on a lot of people in the community,” said Becca Lynch. “Especially Mick and Michelle who have experienced life-changing injuries and undergone numerous surgeries. Unfortunately, Mick’s leg was too badly injured and had to be amputated.

“Both will have a long road to recovery, but thankfully they do get the chance to recover,” added Becca, who has since launched a GoFundMe campaign to support the couple with medical bills, home adaptations, etc.

Becca and the Cordiff family were overwhelmed with the generous response to the GFM appeal, which reached over €54, 000 on Tuesday last (March 29).

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The Cordiffs are well known in Ballyfermot community for the selfless work they do.

“Between volunteering, fundraising, donating and working in the community, it’s clear they are both dedicated and passionate about helping other people and it’s time for the community to give back,” wrote Becca online.

“In the coming months when Mick and Michelle return home, they will need a lot of help, care and structural changes to their home. One thing they should not have to worry about is the financial burden of this.

“So, if you are in a position to donate any money, please do. If not, please share this link with your family and friends.”

Becca and the Cordiff family were overwhelmed with the generous response to the GFM appeal, which reached almost €54, 000 on Tuesday last (March 29).

One subscriber currently living abroad stated:Mick and Michelle are sincerely wonderful and enjoyable friends. They are one of many reasons that we wish to return to Ireland – certainly a very important reason! I think of them often and visit church many days to pray for their recovery and health. God Bless”

Becca added: “Thank you so much to everybody who donated and shared the GFM for Mick and Michelle. Both of them are doing well and on the road to recovery. There are no words to describe how grateful the Cardiff family are feeling for every single donation, message of support and all other acts of kindness.”

Donations please to:

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