Balgaddy set to receive 69 new council homes

by Padraig Conlon
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The local council has given the go ahead for construction of some much-needed new homes on its land.

Planning permission for 69 council homes and a large community centre at Griffeen Avenue in Balgaddy was granted at Monday’s South Dublin County Council meeting.

An overwhelming majority of councillors voted in favour of the new development which will be built on council owned land.

They also voted to fund a major maintenance programme for Balgaddy to sort out long running problems for current residents.

When Gama Construction finished the development in 2007 the estate won architectural awards and was labelled the future of social housing.

Almost immediately however residents started complaining of damp, structural cracks inside and outside the houses, faulty heating systems and leaks from badly constructed roofs.

Since then numerous campaigns to sort these issues have run aground. An additional funding of €500k in the budget will be used to deal with these issues.

“Today is a good news story for the people of Balgaddy and surrounding areas,” Mayor Mark Ward said following the meeting.

“This site on Griffeen Avenue was ear marked for development for a number of years now.

“The original part 8 development consisted of 120 units.

“After consultation with the community we fought that the densities were too high. Submissions we made seen that density greatly reduced to 69 units.

“There will be ample green space in the development that will allow the new community grow.

“During the submission stages we knocked on 405 doors in surrounding estates and asked the residents what they wanted to see in the new development.

“The engagement was the basis of our submission.”

Mayor Ward also revealed the plans agreed for a new community centre in Balgaddy.

“On par with Knockmitten Community Centre, with reception space, office spaces, large meeting room, activity hall, cafe, youth area, kitchen, courtyard, and management suite and storage areas”, he said.

“Also agreed was over 600 square meters of space around the community centre for future community infrastructure such as a playground, allotments etc.

“The last estates built in Balgaddy were of very poor quality. This will go a long way in addressing the mistakes of the past.

“This is nothing less than the people of Balgaddy deserve after years of neglect.”

Cllr Ruth Nolan (IND 4CH) also welcomed the passing of the planning permission.

“Hopefully the long suffering residents of Balgaddy are going to see an end to the many structural problems they’ve had to live with,” she told Dublin Gazette.

“The €500k will go some way towards rectifying those issues, those residents have waited long enough.

“In the middle of a housing crisis these new homes are welcomed and the planned community centre sounds like it will be a great addition to the community.

“I’m delighted to have worked with the management and had an input in the planning of this development. I also welcome the decision to do substantial road works at Tor an Ri Walk.

“So, it all sounds good, at last we’re seeing action being taken to fix the housing problems in Balgaddy.”

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