Baldoyle objectors granted leave to appeal SHD

by Rose Barrett
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Rose Barrett

On December 12 last, the High Court granted leave to appeal a controversial Strategic Housing Development (SHD) in Baldoyle.

Judge Humphreys granted Baldoyle community group, Abbey Park and District Residents Association (ADRA) leave to judicially review the Shoreline 1 SHD planning permission granted by An Bord Pleanála in September 2021.

ADRA are supported in their action by a large number of residents associations and community groups in the Baldoyle area.  Under the blanket name of ‘Love Baldoyle Bay’, the group launched a GoFundMe page to help fund the judicial review which could run up to €45,000.

Cllr Joan Hopkins (SD) stated the community has to fight the permission granted for a site that already had planning permission from Fingal County in 2016.

“There was permission for 546 residential units there but it was since been sold to a new developer. By raising each of the tower blocks – one of which is 15 storeys high – the developers applied and were approved for 882 units.

“A second application for 1221 units by the same developer is awaited, and I believe there could be a third application!”

Cllr Hopkins stated developers are taking advantage of Ireland’s very generous taxation policies.

“Previously, you’d have developers building and selling off small numbers of housing in phases. But the SHD policy has resulted in developers availing of investment funding, and going down the route of Build to Rent apartments in huge numbers. This is not sustainable development and in no way, adheres to the relevant local area plan.”

She appealed to Baldoyle residents and nearby areas to support ADRA’s judicial review. ADRA has taken the judicial review on a number of environmental grounds and believes that APB breached the democratically passed Local Area Plan and Fingal Development Plan in granting the development.

The development would put enormous strain on traffic in Baldoyle, Sutton, Howth and Portmarnock, along with pressure on public transport systems.

“You can donate to the appeal at,” said Cllr Hopkins and every euro will be appreciated.” The appeal currently stands at circa €7,100.

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