Balbriggan swimming pool meeting to take place tomorrow

by Mark O'Brien
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Locals say that the Balbriggan swimming pool is long overdue

Campaigners calling for the Balbriggan swimming pool will hold a meeting in the Milestone pub tomorrow evening.

The meeting was due to take place last Saturday, but was cancelled due to heavy snowfall in the area.

The rescheduled meeting will take place at 7.30pm at the same venue.

To date, just over 2,100 people have joined the group, and almost 1,500 have signed an on-line petition calling for a swimming pool in the area.

The petition states: “The people of Balbriggan have been trying for 30 years to have a swimming pool built, and have had numerous promises by councillors and politicians pre-election for a swimming pool, only to have these promises turn to dust post election.

“There is a general feeling of anger that Balbriggan has not got its own swimming pool.

“Having seen numerous attempts for a pool to be built in the town, only to see these plans collapse at the final stages of consultation.

“Balbriggan warrants a swimming pool, it has the population size to sustain one, especially when you throw in surrounding towns into the equation like Skerries, Rush, Lusk, Julianstown etc, who would also reap the benefits of this venture.

“We just lack the capital investment from Fingal Council, the EU and the Government to get this project off the ground.”

The petition also argues that as Balbriggan is a coastal town, it is imperative that young people from the area learn to swim.

The petition adds: “Many schools in Balbriggan and surrounding areas, are faced with additional costs with having to bus school children to Swords or Drogheda, which is an addition financial pressure on parents, and a drain on resource hours, which could be spent teaching over subjects in the school curriculum.

“Some schools just find it too much, and have dropped swimming from their school curriculum, which is a disgrace.”

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