Shocking video shows dumping of TVs, mattresses and more in Oldtown

by Sylvia Pownall
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Is illegal dumping blighting the landscape where you live?

Dublin Gazette reader Jason Tiernan took time out recently to clean up a short stretch of road at Grallagh Cemetery near the village of Garristown in north county Dublin.

It took him a full day to pull illegally dumped items from ditches on a one kilometer-stretch of road.

He revealed: “The problem was reaching epic proportions. Bottles, cans, general household waste, tyres, old kitchens, gas cylinders… the list goes on.

“There were old mattresses, over one hundred used tyres, and a patio door set into the undergrowth.

“The stretch of road was seldom used due its then bad state of repair, this is why it became a target for rogue waste collectors. The road has recently been resurfaced and my checks on the area return fewer incidents of illegal dumping.”

Other residents have raised concerns over illegal dumping with one woman revealing she could no longer take this route on her daily walk because of it.

Jason advised: “To report incidents of dumping on your smart phone just download the See it Say it app. The app will allow you to upload three photos, save your location and ask for your name and email address.

“The content will be forwarded to the Fix My Street website which then forwards it to the relevant local authority.”

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