Bacik welcomes decision on Half Moon Swim Place Poolbeg

by Alison O'Hanlon
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Ivana Bacik, Labour TD for Dublin Bay South,  welcomed last week’s announcement by Dublin City Council that the Half Moon swimming place be designated as a bathing place.

This followed the 2023 public participation campaign to have the Half Moon swimming place at Poolbeg, Dublin 4, proposed as designated bathing waters.

The location was assessed for suitability in accordance with EPA Guidance as “A framework to assist Local Authorities in the assessment of submissions for the identification of new bathing waters”.

The assessment concluded that the location met the required criteria for acceptance as an EU identified water. Thus, the Half Moon will be formally recognised from the 2024 bathing season onwards.

Deputy Bacik told the Dublin Gazette “As a regular swimmer at the iconic Half Moon bathing place on the South Wall at Poolbeg, I initiated a campaign some time ago among fellow swimmers and local residents to ensure that this historic swimming place would be designated as a bathing water within the DCC criteria. I am delighted that, following our organised participation in the public consultation process, we have succeeded in securing this important designation.

“I will continue to work with local residents and with all those who use the Bay area regularly as a public amenity for walking, cycling, swimming or watersports, to ensure that we can achieve enhanced protection of the wonderful environment and biosphere that is Dublin Bay.”

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