Avoca to rejuvenate old Foxhunter site

by Alen McMahon
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LUCAN will soon have an Avoca outlet when The Foxhunter pub is redeveloped into an artisan food
and craft shop following a successful application for a declaration of exemption.
An application submitted by the managing director of Avoca, Simon Pratt, was granted
recently by South Dublin County Council and it is expected that the new
outlet, which is expected to open by March 2015, will create up to 50 jobs
for the area. The use of the existing public house will change to a local amenity artisan
food and craft shop and maintain a restaurant and ancillary facilities.
T he existing f loor areas will remain as per the attached plans and there will be no structural
modifications made to the property either exterlucan Possible redevelopment welcomed
nally or internally. All works will be cosmetic redecoration only.
T he premises will open from 10am to 7pm and activity at the property will be spread
evenly over the day, unlike the existing use which intensifies at peak evening and weekend
Commenting on the intended modification, Cllr William Lavelle (FG) said: “I would welcome
redevelopment of the Foxhunter premises. The site has become derelict
and badly littered in recent times. An Avoca store would be a very
welcome addition to Lucan.”
Minister Frances Fitzgerald welcomed the prospect of an Avoca store coming to Lucan,
saying: “I believe that if this project proceeds – taking proper account of all traffic implications
and any reasonable observations made by local residents – it could be a great asset to
the Lucan community. It would be a lovely feature along the N4, and would generate further footfall
for Lucan businesses as well as increasing interest in the area.”
Attract Feargal Quinn of Lucan B2B [Business 2 Business] believes the arrival of Avoca will
attract a lot more business to the area. He told The Gazette: “The Foxhunter pub is a good
spot [for an Avoca store] when you think about it because when all the country folk are leaving
the city centre on the N4 the first place they’ll pass is there.
“It’s always been the case where you pay for what you get so to have a
store like Avoca in Lucan they’re obviously not going to be selling rubbish.
A lot of people like bargains and will buy absolute rubbish in other
places – I’m certainly not one of those people. If I’m going to buy something
but don’t have the money for it I’ll save and buy the best rather than spending
my money in these cheap type of stores.
“I absolutely believe it will bring money to Lucan having this unique, high standard
type of outlet here. Lucan is becoming a town where you have everything you need at
your doorstep. It is very clean and you don’t notice that much antisocial
behaviour around here compared to a lot of other areas in Dublin,”
said Quinn.

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