Four Dublin Local Authorities join forces for the Dublin Park & Trails Challenge

by Rose Barrett
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All four Dublin Local Authorities have joined together under the Active City Dublin banner to run a unique Parks & Trails Challenge during the month of July, writes Rose Barrett. 

The aim of the initiative is to encourage people to discover their local parks and trails and also to explore parks and trails in the greater Dublin area. This is the first time such an event has been held across the four council areas with a total of 24 walks to choose from.  

Participants can win prizes by completing walks in the parks and trails in all 4 Local Authority areas.  As an incentive for taking part in the challenge, participants will be entered into a draw to win some amazing prizes. 

The challenge has been uploaded on to the Dublin Trails App where all of the 24 locations are listed along with maps of each walk.

How to enter: download the Dublin Trails App from the App store or from the QR code on posters, and below, advertising the challenge; then go to the Active Cities Dublin Park & Trails Page; click on the park you wish to walk in; a map of the park or trail will guide you to the banner where the specific QR code for each walk will be located.

Then xcan the QR code and the app will record the QR codes. When you visit a location and scan your QR code, it will update your profile on the App, there are four campaigns to win prizes.  Once you have scanned QR codes from a completed walk in each local authority area, you can then enter the competition for the top prize! The App will direct you to the competition entry page

Get the Dublin Trails App and start your adventure today! Click on

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