Royal Academy Summer Show displays Dublin artist’s painting

by Rachel Cunningham
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Rachel Cunningham

Dublin artist Tony Gunning was honoured in London last Friday  for the annual artist’s Varnishing Day at the Royal Academy in London.

Artists from all over the world competed to be included in the show, with 16,500 applications each year for approximately 1,200 places.

Tony Gunning is an established Irish artist who has exhibited widely and has had fifteen solo shows.

His painting, a derelict cottage in Co Leitrim, was among the artworks selected by the judging panel to hang in this year’s exhibition.

Commenting on his inspiration, Mr Gunning said: “This was one of a series of dereliction paintings continuing my preoccupation with themes of transition.

“Beyond the aesthetics there is a deeper resonance. Echoes of peoples lives remain in these places. They are monuments to impermanence and the never-ending cycle of death and re-birth.”

This year’s summer show opens to the public on June13 and will run until August 20.

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