Viking history programme draws big attendance at St Anne’s Park

by Rose Barrett
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BY Rose Barrett

Saturday’s event to launch a new exciting pilot programme at St Anne’s Park was attended by several hundred people of all ages, and many who loved the Viking theme and activities on the day.

The School of Irish Archaeology Big Dig replica Viking house excavation and Viking coin striking workshops saw over one hundred children from 5-12 years of age experience what it to be an archaeologist while learning all about the Vikings and tools they made and used.

A captivated audience also learnt about the first Viking coins minted in Dublin and got their own pewter coin to take home!

“Also very popular were our three Vikings from Claíomh Living History who had an incredible display of replica artefacts such as swords, shields and helmets – always very popular with children!” said Cathy Moore, Managing Director of Archaeology and Built Heritage Ltd.

“Archaeologists from UCD’s Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture demonstrated the skill required to make stone axes while Franc Myles, also from Archaeology and Built Heritage Ltd, kept everyone guessing with his display of curious artefacts, some of which no one could figure out!”

Ms Moore reported the level of engagement between the speakers and exhibitors and the audience was great: “We had great engagement on the day; there is a real interest locally in the history and archaeology of the park, and people were very receptive to learning more about archaeology in general.”

The next public event in the park is on October 16 when Claíomh Living History will be focusing on 16th Century Ireland, UCD experimental archaeologists will be demonstrating the techniques and skill involved in bronze casting.

The programme is an initiative of Dublin City Council, supported by the Heritage Council’s County Heritage Plan Grant Scheme 2021 and Creative Ireland, managed by Archaeology and Built Heritage Ltd. 

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