Anger at ‘insult to Dublin’ over directly-elected mayor for Cork

by Dublin Gazette
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The capital is set to lose out on having a directly-elected Dublin mayor, with one party accusing the Government of “dropping the ball” on the plans.

Cork is set to become the first county to have a mayor who is directly elected, according to a report before the Cabinet, despite repeated calls for Dubliners to be allowed to select a mayor to choose how the capital is run.

Cllr Ciaran Cuffe (GP) said that “Dublin deserves better”, as a report suggested that Cork will be prioritised as a “test case’” for a directly-elected mayor.

The loss of an elected mayor to Dublin city is said by Cllr Cuffe to come as somewhat of a blow, considering the housing challenges and traffic demands that are impacting the city at present.

He said: “Dublin deserves better. The red tape and bureaucracy of the Customs House is stifling progress for the nation’s capital.

“Currently, all significant proposals for tackling Dublin’s difficulties require sign-off from ministers who don’t understand the reality of life in the capital.

“Dublin deserves a voice and an authority that comes directly from the residents of the city.”

Calls have also been made by Cllr Cuffe for government ministers, specifically the Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy, to take a leaf from cities such as London and Barcelona whose citizens directly elect a representative for their city.

Senator Kevin Humphries (Lab) echoed Cllr Cuffe’s statement, calling the decision an “insult to Dublin”, and has said that we should have directly-elected mayors for all of the country’s main urban centres.

He said: “The capital has been leading the campaign for a directly-elected mayor for decades. For the minister to announce that Dublin will not be the first city to have a directly-elected mayor is just insulting.”

Senator Humphries also referred to figures from 2016, which said that more than three quarters of the capital were in favour of electing a mayor.

“Dublin city is in need of a mayor who is empowered to manage our major transport and public services systems here in Dublin.”

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