Loving Dad Andrew McGinley sets up projects in memory of his children

by Amy Rohu
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By Amy Rohu

Andrew McGinley, the broken-hearted father of Conor (9), Darragh (7) and Carla (3), who tragically passed away on January 24th 2020, is determined to keep the memories of his children alive after setting up three projects in their names. 

Last week his wife Deirdre Morley, 44, was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity after she admitted smothering their three children at their Dublin home in January 2020.

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The loving father spoke this week to The Dublin Gazette about the harrowing night these ideas began: “This all started the night the children died, I was standing outside the house and while you’re in shock, you’re dazed, you’re everything else, what’s running through your head is the kids. When did you last speak to them, when did you last see them, when did you last hold them and when did you last kiss them. For me I began thinking about the last promises I had made that I hadn’t got around to. That’s where the idea for these projects came from”.

Andrew has set up a YouTube channel called Conor’s Clips, where he is uploading videos he had of his children: “In Christmas 2019 Conor had asked me to help him with a YouTube channel, he wanted his own YouTube channel, so I said no problem, so we threw around a few ideas, because he had such a good sense of humour and he was such a funny kid we thought we could do comedy sketches.”

Conor’s Clip – You Tube

He continued: “I still have the notepad where we had written down some ideas.”

“Conor’s Clips is on YouTube and we have a twitter and instagram. I enjoy the engagement, it lifts me, every time that I put something up and see new followers and new comments, seeing people engaging with it. Conor would have loved that. He was fascinated with the whole internet and everything like that so I’m hoping that that is the promise I made to him.”

Andrew spoke about his daughter Carla and the reason behind his promise to her, Carla’s Snowman: “There was a flurry of snow and we scraped together a small snowman but I remember her looking at it like, is that it? I thought they were bigger than this? I promised her at the next big snow we’d build a big snowman but alas the snow never came so I’m hoping to do an annual colouring competition in Carla’s name.”

As Darragh Did is the name of the charity Andrew has set up inspired by his son Darragh and his love for getting involved in everything from GAA to drama in the community: “As Darragh Did is the bigger one and what I am focusing on at the moment. The charity will encourage people to get involved and to participate as Darragh did, so that’s why I chose the name of the charity.”

Conor & Darragh McGinley

He continued: “Niall Quinn, the Irish footballing legend has reached out to offer his support. He was such a lovely and genuine man and he was interested in what I was doing, I can’t speak highly enough of him. Anyone who signs up to a monthly recurring donation, will be entered into a quarterly draw, for a prize that Niall is going to give, I’m very thankful to him for doing that for me.”

“We also hope to do an annual event, where you will win your own concert. We have many local connections made within the community to help us with this and all we need now is the band. I’m hoping by the time we launch in September we will have one secured. 

“While we are officially launching in September and the gig will be in Spring 2022, we are open at the moment for donations and if anybody wants to set up their recurring payment, we’ll do the draw in September for the first prize that Niall’s bringing.”

Carla McGinley

Speaking about another future project he’d like to do, Andrew said: “The two boys were prolific comic book writers. They wrote numerous amounts of comics, books and plays, I have a huge box full. So my plan is to take some of the several unique characters that they wrote about, and I’m going to take those characters and write books that will incorporate Conor, Darragh and Carla into the stories. So hopefully again, this will help to keep their memories alive.”

When asked about the support he’s received so far, he said: “Everybody has been very supportive. I wouldn’t be standing upright if it wasn’t for the community”.

Andrew McGinley set up projects  in memory of his children 

  • • Conor’s Clips 
  • • Carla’s Snowman
  • • As Darragh Did

To make a donation to As Darragh Did and to support Andrew visit asdarraghdid.ie

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