Have you tried taking the Altrient Skin Personalities Test?

by Rose Barrett
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Altrient have recently developed a Skin Personalities Test in order for you to understand your skin type and its needs, writes Rose Barrett. Your skin is as individual as the colour of your eyes, your hair, the length of your fingers – and your skin, like your hair can change over your lifetime, impacted by the passing of years, stress, environmental issues or meds.

Most of us have combination skin i.e dry in some places or greasy and patchy in other places. So why not check out your unique skin personality? You’ve nothing to lose! My test showed up a weakness in open pores, something no beautician or anything I’d noticed myself, till now!

Elevate your daily skincare routine and achieve glowing results by nourishing your skin from within with Altrient, the gold standard liposomal supplements.

Various skin types, ages, tones and complexions have different nutritional requirements. The Altrient Skin Personalities online test is an easy way to discover which out of the five skin personalities is best matched to your skin types and concerns.

Receive a nutrition protocol, lifestyle tips and two key liposomal supplements to give your skin the knowledge and nutrition it truly needs to be naturally radiant. Altrient supplements within the skin personalities include Vitamin C, Magnesium, Glutathione, Vitamin B Complex and ALA.

Altrient C has been shown to increase skin elasticity by 61 per cent when taking three sachets a day for three months, or by 35per cent when taking one sachet a day for three months in a clinical study. Altrient C underpins each of the skin personalities and works in synergy to produce glowing results.

Topical skin treatments help protect your skin from external elements which damage delicate skin cells and accelerate you towards the visible signs of ageing. However, naturally radiant and truly cared for skin also requires targeted nutrition from the inside to reinforce skin cell.

Altrient supplements are much more effective than non-liposomal forms of vitamins such as powders and tablets.

The Skin Personality Test can be found here https://www.altrient.com/skin-personality. Check it out now!

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