Dub-ble trouble for Ted

by Gazette Reporter
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Little Ted Martin is walking a tightrope at home in Kimmage this weekend trying to keep both sides of his family happy in the run up to Sunday’s All Ireland quarter-final clash between Dublin and Mayo at Croke Park.

His dad Richie is an out and out Dub follower, but his Mam Amy and granny Mary are dyed-in-the-wool Mayo fans. 

So what is a little four-year-old to do in such circumstances?

His Grandad Mick came up with the solution by getting a jersey with half in the Dubs’ colours and half in the green above the red of the Connacht men.

“We are a sports mad house on all sides of the family, and  it is not unusual to see the family sitting down for lunch wearing Mayo and Dublin jerseys,” explained Richie.

“At the end of the day, it’s a bit of fun and Ted has the perfect answer for now… when he gets a bit older he can decide if he wants to just wear the blue jersey like me or follow the green and red like his Mum.

Richie’s only other problem when the two counties meet is getting enough tickets to satisfy everyone. “We all love to go to Croke Park on these occasions but getting tickets together is nearly impossible – however, we normally all find our way there even if it is on a single ticket or at best two tickets together.”

And the result? “Well, I’m going for a Dublin win by three points, but my wife and mother-in-law will hear nothing short of a Mayo victory.”

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