Aldi’s new application for key Clonsilla site slammed

by Sylvia Pownall
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Aldi’s application to build on a site in Clonsilla which was twice refused permission in the past has met with stiff opposition.

This is the third attempt by the supermarket giant to develop the site at Weaver’s Row, which is said to have cost €11 million during the property boom.

Local Cllr Tania Doyle (Ind) has warned that the application is “fundamentally flawed” and is not in the best interests of Clonsilla village.

She also argues that any planning application lodged ahead of an anticipated Urban Framework for the area is “premature”.

Cllr Doyle told Dublin Gazette: “Clonsilla is a village and the County Development Plan 2017-2023 sets out how Fingal should be planned and, in particular, Clonsilla.

“I’ve lived in Clonsilla for 20 years and I can see the village disappearing year on year along with the village atmosphere.

“The development is not in the best interests of the village, for a number of reasons. The plan has not taken into consideration a number of objectives for Clonsilla set down in the development plan.”

The German discount retailer last week announced 20 new jobs for its 1,315sq m store at Weaver’s Row which, it said, would be opening “in mid-2021”.

Cllr Doyle says an Urban Framework Plan to replace the lapsed Clonsilla Strategy is an objective of the development plan, and this should inform planning decisions in the area.

The County Development Plan also states that new developments in Clonsilla do not exceed three storeys – yet the application is for a four-storey block.

She added: “It makes no reference to incorporating the Royal Canal, which lies at the southern boundary of the development, which goes against Objective 3.

“Objective 4 calls for conservation of the old houses and cottages, yet this development wants to demolish those which are left.”

She added: “This application is fundamentally flawed and is way too premature. It cannot be honestly reviewed until the new Urban Framework Plan has been released, therefore I am calling on county planners to reject this application.”

Three years ago, An Bord Pleanala rejected Aldi’s application on the grounds that the proposed development would not integrate with the village core, and “would result in a disorderly form of development on this important site”.

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