Adamstown closure rumour firmly quashed

by Ian Begley
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Adamstown railway station is not facing closure or a reduction in its services. It was previously published in national publications that several stations faced closure.
Numerous reports that 31 stations in Ireland which cater for less than 100 passengers a day are under scrutiny was “plucked out of thin air” an Iarnrod Eireann spokesperson said.
Speaking to The Gazette, the spokesperson said: “We’re not looking at stations to close at all. Basically, what’s happening at the moment is that we’re undertaking a range of measures including pay proposals and non-payroll savings.
“We’re also trying to grow the number of people using our services, and we’ve already seen some growth this year.
“We’re also discussing with the National Transport Authority the funding of our services and are looking at the extent of our funding, the services being provided and what’s required.
“Literally that’s all that’s happening, and I think what the newspaper [that first published the story] did was go off and look at the list of stations that had relatively low numbers of passengers and plucked out of thin air that those 31 stations are under review – that’s not what’s happening at all.
“We’re looking at the cost of our services, the public service obligations that we received and how we can address that funding requirement into the future,” said the spokesperson.
Lucan Cllr William Lavelle (FG) said that he didn’t give the claim that the railway station in Adamstown was going to close much heed, saying: “I don’t think it is a realistic prospect, but if there was serious consideration in closing the station then I would be totally opposed to it.
“As part of the review of the Adamstown Master Plan the train station is critical for the long-term aspect of the town,” he said.
Cllr Paul Gogarty (Ind) told The Gazette why he believes so few people use the Adamstown train station on a daily basis.
He said: “Only about 100 people use the station per day because it was planned for the Adamstown population and not for Lucan.
“The fact that the Phoenix Park tunnel isn’t open yet is another factor because if you’re only using the station to get in as far as Heuston Station you’re really wasting your time because you would be quicker driving or getting the bus in.
“The Adamstown Station was a significant factor in one of the conditions in Adamstown getting granted permission so any further development in Adamstown would be contingent on the train station remaining open.
“The one thing that will encourage more people to use the station is when Adamstown gets completed with more facilities,” said Cllr Gogarty.
Lucan resident Mairead Hilliard told The Gazette that the train station is a very important service in Adamstown since the area already lacks pubic amenities.
She said: “We’re blacklisted for everything it seems. You go to Leixlip and there are two railway stations there and many more public amenities than we have here.
“We get very little in Lucan and it’s an outrage that more people aren’t speaking out.
“We need to get Adamstown finished and get the infrastructure that we were promised. We haven’t even got basic facilities like pubic swimming pools [in Lucan and Adamstown],” she said.

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