‘Absurd’ build blasted by Clarinda residents

by Emma Nolan
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A PROPOSED development, designed by Dermot Bannon, has caused “uproar” among Dun Laoghaire residents.

Residents at Clarinda Park are opposing the construction of a house that is “totally out of character with the local area”.

Having initially been rejected by the council in April, the refusal is now being appealed to An Bord Pleanala by the applicants.

The site itself is a vacant piece of land at Clarinda Park West, a conservation area at one of Dun Laoghaire’s Victorian square parks.

The proposal outlines plans for a “part three-storey over-basement and part single-storey detached dwelling”.

Local resident Justin Tuite told The Gazette that he objected to the “invasive and absurd” proposed plans and described the proposed house as a “monstrous travesty and unwelcome addition to the square”.

Having lived at Clarinda Park for the past 25 years, Tuite – an architect – said: “It’s a very, very modern house proposed in a pocket handkerchief-sized site beside the entrance to Clarinda Park House.”

The applicants want to put up a detached three-story house, that levers out onto the park and the top two floors are covered in rusting steel material that’s “very aggressive and modern”, he said.

“The residents are astonished and appalled at this proposal – to put it right in the centre of this Victorian square, which is supposed to be a conservation area.”

In their initial request for planning permission, Dermot Bannon Architects submitted that the contemporary design of the house would “create a bookend to the terraced street, standing independent and respectively within an architectural conservation area”.

The site has been subject to seven previous planning applications, all of which were refused by the council, and four of those applications appealed to An Bord Pleanala were also rejected.

A total of 28 objections were made by local residents, many citing that the plans are not in keeping with the existing style of the area. A public meeting was also held where residents’ views on the plans were unanimous.

“It’s completely out of character and we’re astonished that somebody would even propose such a thing,” added Tuite.

“This is an architectural conservation area designated by the council – there’s very few of these in the whole country. Then the architect comes along and proposes this statement building bang in the centre of it – it couldn’t be more out of keeping [with the area].

“It seems to us like they are deliberately contrasting with the surroundings. I don’t believe it brings anything of value or any good to the square.”

The Gazette reached out to Dermot Bannon Architects for a response but had not received a reply by the time of going to print.

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