Concern over 700 build-to-rent apartments for southside

by Rebecca Ryan
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A local councillor is outraged that plans for 700 new build-to-rent apartments on the southside have been fast tracked to An Bord Pleanala.

The proposed units are spread across three sites in Dundrum and Stillorgan.

Under the new fast track plans, the proposals bypassed local planners.

“The Build-to-Rent legislation relaxes a number of restrictions enabling developments contain a greater number of smaller living spaces.

Cathaoirlaeach of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council Shay Brennan told Dublin Gazette that he is concerned that this will bring higher rents.

“In the current dysfunctional housing market people will have no alternative but to pay premium rent for such accommodation.

“It should come as no surprise then that Build-to-Rent schemes are all that developers are interested in constructing as they will earn high rent per unit and at the same time fit a greater number of apartments on a given site,” said Cllr Brennan.

He added: “The problem is then made worse by the Strategic Housing Development legislation, under which developers can bypass the local planning authority for schemes of 100 or more units.

“This takes local knowledge and awareness out of the equation and results in the lack of a holistic view of what is needed to properly develop additional housing within communities.

“It is both shameful and short-sighted that none of these 700 units are suitable for family accommodation and creates a very worrying precedent for the future quality of life within our county.”

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