1,463 kids still waiting on council’s housing list

by Ian Begley
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Some 268 families, including 1,463 children, are awaiting to be housed in four-bedroom homes in South County Dublin.
Since the inception of the Choice-Based Letting system in 2011, the council has only advertised five dwellings that had four bedrooms.
In the last 12 months only one four-bedroom unit was available to those that availed of this system.
These figures were revealed at the Clondalkin Area Committee meeting, at the request of Cllr Mark Ward (SF).
It was also revealed that there are currently 85 children homeless and living in temporary accommodation awaiting to be housed in a four-bedroom home.
This number is not decreasing. Only four suitable homes have become available to this section of homeless families in the last 12 months.
Cllr Ward told The Gazette: “The reason I asked the [council] chief executive to provide me with this report was that I have noticed, over time, an increase in the number of people contacting our office inquiring about four-bedroom homes.
“The report is quite shocking. To see that 268 families – including 1,463 children who currently have a requirement to live in a four-bedroom home – are waiting to be housed in appropriate accommodation is an indictment of the current housing crisis we find ourselves in.
“At best, these 1,463 children are living in unsuitable, overcrowded accommodation.”
Cllr Ward believes that in order for the council to clear this list they will need to provide 268 four-bedroom homes.
In the last 12 months South Dublin County Council could only provide 16.
He added: “I would urge the council to include a plan to build sufficient numbers of four-bedroom homes to meet the current need. Any new developments within the county needs to cater for the needs of this group.
“There are over 5,000 vacant properties in the South Dublin County Council area.
“The Government need to release funds to the council so they can purchase these.
“In the midst of the biggest housing crisis we have ever seen it is a national scandal that we have so many empty homes,” said Cllr Ward.

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