Inaugural National Menopause Summit on way to Dublin in late March

by Rachel Cunningham
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By Rachel Cunningham

Dietitian Aveen Bannon will be leading a discussion on the relationship between diet and the menopause with broadcaster Grainne Seoige, at the inaugural National Menopause Summit this month.

Scheduled to take place in Dublin’s Mansion House, on Thursday, March 23, the event will offer an overview on the connection between lifestyle, diet and the menopause.

“Having a well-balanced diet is crucial during any stage of life, but during menopause, your body needs some extra patience and care. From changes in metabolism to increased risk of osteoporosis, shifting your diet can help with getting ahead of future symptoms,” said Ms Bannon.

“Women can experience a 20 per cent loss of bone mass during the menopause period. As hormone levels change, we need to support our bones through nutrition. Including three to five calcium servings daily, along with vitamin D can help support strong bones.

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“From the age of around 35 years, there is a gradual loss of bone which speeds up as menopause approaches so women need to pay particular attention to their bones. Many nutrients play an important role in bone health including protein, calcium and phosphorous.”

The dietitian also highlighted the importance of remaining active, as it not only helps to manage weight but is also imperative for heart and bone health.

“Taking time to consider whether there are improvements you can make to diet, exercise and other factors, such as quitting smoking or excessive alcohol intake, may help you manage some symptoms but also help protect you from type 2 diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. As about a third of a woman’s life is spent in post-menopause, it’s good to make changes that will last.” she added.

The National Dairy Council is the Official Nutrition Partner of the first National Menopause
Summit on Thursday, March 23.

Dietitian Aveen Bannon will be chatting about all things diet and menopause with broadcaster Grainne Seoige

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