Shake Things Up This National Margarita Day!

by Rose Barrett
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Tomorrow is National Margarita Day (February 22),  so while you may be planning the pancake fillers for this evening – why not throw a curb ball into your week and celebrate Margarita Day!

Jose Cuervo®, the world’s number-one tequila, is mixing it up with some zesty, fruity and refreshing recipes, so no matter your taste, everyone can quench that thirst!

As one of the world’s most loved spirits, it’s no wonder everyone goes mad for margaritas, so this Wednesday, February 22 – marg your calendars and get ready to celebrate!

Treasured around the world, Jose Cuervo has been creating authentic tequila to a traditional family recipe for over 200 years and as the world’s number one choice, it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing when it comes to this versatile and popular spirit.

A true silver tequila, Jose Cuervo® Especial Silver is the epitome of smooth. Master distillers at the La Rojeña distillery crafted this unique and balanced blend to bring out tones of agave, caramel, and fresh herbs in its flavour profile. Here, we’ve brought together a few of recipes for everyone to enjoy this National Margarita Day.

Sweet, salty, bitter or fruity there’s a perfect pairing for everyone, and while the classic will always reign supreme, for this year’s National Margarita Day we’re bringing you some recipes with a twist!

The Cuervo Cowboy Margarita

Grab your blender for this zesty, refreshing take on the classic.

50ml Jose Cuervo® Especial® Silver
35ml frozen limeade concentrate
25ml orange juice
25ml pilsner beer
Coarse salt for garnish
Jalapeño for garnish
Lime for garnish

In a blender add ice, Jose Cuervo® Especial® Silver, limeade concentrate, orange juice and beer. Blend. Run lime wedge around the rim of glass then dip the glass into salt. Pour blended mixture into glass. Garnish the glass with a lime wedge and jalapeño. Enjoy!


Roasted Pineapple Margarita Sour

For a sweet and flavoursome surprise try this tropical take on a traditional margarita.

40ml Jose Cuervo® infused with Roasted Pineapple
15ml Cointreau
30ml lime juice
15ml agave syrup
Bar spoon balsamic vinegar
25ml egg white

Shake well with ice and strain!

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