National Gallery of Ireland launch new terrace cafe

by Rebecca Ryan
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The hottest new outdoor terrace has just launched in the heart of the city. Located at the National Gallery of Ireland on Merrion Square, it is the perfect setting for a summer’s day.

The new coffee dock is run by the Irish coffee company Warbler & Wren. Hand roasted in Dublin they are the guardians of great coffee from bean to cup.

Popular chain Brambles supplies the food offerings that are cooked freshly every day.
Dublin Gazette caught up with the Manager of the Gallery Cafe Angi Crispe (33) who has been running it since January. She told us more about what’s on offer at the new terrace cafe.

“It’s a lovely spot with an amazing view right in the middle of the city centre.
“You can get a lovely crisp cold glass of prosecco, or a lemonade, or of course the amazing Warbler & Wren coffee.

“We do all our gorgeous baked goods here every morning and then we do a lovely takeaway offering for lunch with our home-made salads and sandwiches.
“We keep the pastries and cakes topped up all day because we’re quite famous for our baked goods which are all made fresh every day.”

There are also vegan and gluten free options, and almond and coconut milk is available.
The Gallery Cafe is in great hands with Angi. She grew up in the Barossa Valley in South Australia where her parents owned a bar in the wine making region.
She was always surrounded by food and drink which gave her a “passion for customer service.”

Angi has been living in Monkstown for the last 13 years and told us she has seen the coffee culture grow here in the last few years.
She said: “When I came to Dublin 13 years ago I wouldn’t have ordered a flat white, because nobody would’ve known what it was. It has really developed since. The standard has risen.”

As soon as you walk into the Gallery Cafe there is a bright and friendly atmosphere where you are greeted with a smile.
There is a wonderful mix of staff and volunteers at the Gallery and Angi told us between her staff they speak 11 languages, which comes in very handy with tourists visiting from all over the world!

Speaking of the staff, Angi said: “We’re like a big family, everybody comes in and works so hard and they’re so passionate. It’s such a wonderful team of people and what a building to work in!”

Angi clearly has a passion for people and customer service. Her motto is wanting every visitor to feel like they got a “hug” before they left.
The terrace cafe opens from 10.30am weather dependent, however if the heaven’s open you can pop indoors and enjoy the Gallery Cafes in the Millennium Wing.
To celebrate the opening of the terrace, the Gallery has launched the exciting ‘Thursday Lates’ which is the perfect after-work evening entertainment or a sneaky tipple on a Thursday night.

Marking Summer Solstice, the event started June 21 and will take place on selected Thursdays in 2018 from 4.30pm to 8.30pm.
You can enjoy food, drinks and lawn games in the forecourt of the Gallery’s Merrion Square entrance, as well as a special outdoor performances throughout the evening.
DJ Dermot Kelly spins the tunes in the Courtyard, where nail artists from Tropical Popical create customised nail art inspired by the Gallery’s latest exhibition Circus250: Art of the Show.

For art-lovers, there is also two guided tours at 5.30pm and 6.30pm.
Angi describes the new ‘Thursday Lates’ as a “mini festival.” She said: “We’ll be bringing in additional furniture and blankets and cushions.
“There’ll be lawn games, Connect Four, Giant Jenga – it’s going to be great fun!
“We’re trying to really attract a young crowd by opening up the gallery in a way you might not have seen it before.

“While all the exhibition spaces will still be open, there’ll be live music, performances, interactive tours.
“We’ll [also] be doing speciality cocktails to theme with what exhibition is going on. It’s a really good place to be on a Thursday evening!

“Come along! Try Warbler & Wren coffee, it’s absolutely delicious. Experience sitting out on Merrion Square in front of one of the most beautiful buildings in the city centre.”
For more information on the new cafe terrace or ‘Thursday Lates’ visit

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