SF Cllr calls for public toilets to be installed at Mulhuddart Cemetery

FCC agree to carry out feasibility study

by Rose Barrett
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“Mulhuddart Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Ireland still in use,” says Sinn Féin Councillor Natalie Treacy. 

“Today it services the whole of the Dublin 15 area and is maintained by Fingal County Council. While it is generally well looked after by Fingal County Council, it lacks an important amenity in that there are no toilet facilities.”

Cllr Treacy states the lack of this basic facility causes significant difficulties both in terms of personal comfort and health forthe many elderly and disabled people who have loved ones buried in the graveyard.

“I became particularly aware of this problem some time ago, as I accompanied elderly relatives visiting loved ones laid to rest in the cemetery.

“It is just not acceptable in this day and age that a public cemetery that is visited by large numbers of people on a daily basis, does not have basic sanitation facilities.

“We have public toilets in parks, playgrounds, beside public beaches, and in most other public places, so, it doesn’t make sense that this widely used cemetery hasn’t got a public toilet.

This is an issue that Cllr Treacy has campaigned for over the last number of years. 

“I have raised this issue at our most recent Budget meetings and during discussions on the Fingal Development plan, as well as at council meetings.

“I was delighted to receive recently a commitment from Fingal County Council to carry out a feasibility study to examine if public toilets can be installed in the cemetery.

“However, until that becomes a reality, I will continue to work to ensure that the cemetery has this basic and important amenity.”

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