Get your hair Autumn ready with Millies

by Amy Rohu
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Amy Rohu

With the weather getting that little bit colder, we’re starting to notice our skin feeling drier from not only the chilly air but the indoor heating too.

We know what we need to do to combat this, but did you know your hair also needs looking after as the weather changes? While we might start by layering up our clothes, we can also start to layer up our haircare too! Enter Millies, your one stop shop this season for all your haircare needs.

Speaking about the importance of looking after your hair at this time of the year, Fiona O’Connor, haircare advisor at said: “Layering up doesn’t have to just refer to our clothing. Autumn is the perfect time to pre-empt winter damage, and protect and nourish our hair for the harsher winter months ahead. I like to choose this time of the year to re-evaluate my routine and add in some haircare heroes that will last me through the next few months.”

With everything from strong wind, rain showers and the cold to deal with, your hair needs some TLC as we head into the coldest time of year. Investing in good quality products such as a hair mask and some heat protecting products, (because we’ll be using our hair dryers a lot more!) will make sure your hair is in its best condition by the time spring rolls around again.

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