Wrap up well, the big ‘BRRR’ is coming!

by Rose Barrett
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Met Eireann predict zero temperatures by Tuesday night

Make the best of today’s good weather as Met Eireann predict the temperatures will drop in the coming days with frost expected and zero degrees on Tuesday night.

It will stay dry in many areas today with sunny spells and scattered showers widespread in the eastern half of the country. Some of the showers may turn to sleet over hills and mountains.

Highest temperatures will be from 5 to 7 degrees. However, it will become considerably cooler over the coming days, with heavy ‘wintry’ showers.

Temperatures on Monday will range from 5 to 9 degrees but will drop from 0 to 6 on Monday night.

Tuesday may see some good sunny spells with a few isolated showers and temperatures varying from 4 to 8 degrees.
But Tuesday night will see a dip in temperatures widespread frost expected as temperatures fall to -1 or 0 degrees for most inland areas (up to +4 degrees nearer to coasts).

While Wednesday is predicted to be chilly with some sunny spells, Met Eireann says indications are that it will stay very cold through the remainder of the working week with daytime temperatures reaching just the low to mid-single digits, and potentially dipping a few degrees below freezing at night.rap up well, Jack Frost is well and truly on his way!

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