Malahide Lion’s Club host Turkey fundraiser

by Rose Barrett
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Malahide Lion’s Club is currently hosting a fundraiser for the people of Turkey who have been so badly affected by the recent earthquake, where the death toll now exceeds 46,000, and is now being hailed as ‘The Greatest Disaster of the Century’.

Millions are left homeless and trying to survive in severe winter conditions. Aftershocks continued with two more aftershocks have occurred.

“Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is the mechanism through which we in Lions Clubs around the world can help,” wrote the club online.

“The reasons for this include the following: donations sent to LCIF can be managed by the committees of the Lions of Turkey to best assure resources are directed in ways that prioritize greatest need, impact, and efficiency; in coordination with other aid organization and local government efforts.”

A central reserve of donations will allow the committees to best understand the resources available for their efforts. Regulations governing money transferred from abroad can bring unwanted attention to individuals or clubs when money is transferred directly to them. LCIF is a recognized partner.

“We would welcome donations which we will pass on directly to LCIF to provide necessary relief and to help alleviate the suffering in the affected areas of Turkey.

Donations please to

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