Rescue by off-duty Coast Guard member

by Rose Barrett
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Last week saw another fortuitous rescue of two youth from the sea near Malahide by a member of Howth Coast Guard, writes Rose Barrett.

The two young boys were clinging desperately to a mooring buoy near Malahide beach. While the Irish Coast Guard team and the RNLI team at Howth had been called to attend, it seems an off-duty Coast Guard member was driving a boat in the area.

The two boys were safely picked up and dropped to shore, where Coast Guard crew checked them out medically and the rescued youths were deemed fit to leave.

The Coast Guard reminded that anyone going into the sea should check out the weather and tide conditions, and noted that albeit we are experiencing increased temperatures, sea water is still very cold. The Coast Guard advised people to wear wet suits where possible, and always to advise family of friends of where you are heading.

Water Safety Ireland warned that children are at particular risk be it family or school outings, and children/youth should be closely supervised at all times. Always ring 112 or 999 if you think someone is in danger.

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