Give new life to old bras with a new recycling initiative from Arnotts

by Dublin Gazette
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October is Reuse / Recycling month, and one of Dublin’s biggest department stores is looking to give new life to old garments.

The lingerie department in Arnotts have teamed up with legendary brand Triumph to offer €10 off every purchase for people who bring in an old bra for recycling from October 1 to 15.

Customers can do their bit for the environment, while availing of the premium fitting service in the Arnotts Lingerie Department.

The initiative is part of Triumph’s ‘Together We Recycle’ program, which endeavours to support a transition toward a ‘circular’ textile industry, whilst making it convenient for consumers to give used closing a new life – as well as being rewarding too.

Triumph are one of the world’s best known lingerie brands, with their Amourette bra being consistently recognised as a timeless classic. Their products – especially the Armourette – have been wardrobe must-haves since the company was founded in 1954 that has been refined over time, to perfectly fit the changing shapes and styles of women.

For more information, visit Arnotts department store on Henry Street, or visit

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