Time to ask – and care – about who made your clothes, says new campaign

by Emma Nolan
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DO YOU know where your clothes come from? Well, it’s time to start asking questions.
Fashion Revolution Week is coming to Dublin and organisers are urging fashion lovers to understand the true cost of the industry.
Now a global movement, a week-long series of events runs from April 24 to 30, including film screenings, pop-up shops, vintage clothing walking tours, street art exhibitions, clothing swaps, podcasts and more, all to inspire action to solve the problems the fashion industry is causing.
The week’s arrival in Ireland coincides with the anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed 1,138 people and injured 2,000 others in April, 2013.
In Bangladesh, garment workers earn just €49.56 per month, which is less than is calculated as the basic living wage there. With almost 80% of the workforce in this industry being young women and living in poverty, it’s time for change.
To raise awareness and start a conversation, organisers around the country are calling on fashion lovers to join fellow organisations across the world in asking leading fashion brands #whomademyclothes across social media.
Events in Dublin include the #whomademyclothes designer show and tell at the Fumbally Exchange on April 24, and a Haulternative Walking Tour with Amelia Eclectique of La Femme Eclectique and Om Diva.
A mending workshop with Liadain Aiken Knitwear is also set to take place, along with a screening of Tana-Bana at the Fumbally Exchange.
For further information and events details, see Fashion Revolution Week’s Facebook page.

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