Stave off the ‘brrrr’ with Irish brand Thermal Couture!

by Rose Barrett
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January the warmest for decades? Seriously, maybe on the tropical days of rainfall but I thought it was Baltic cold!

And here we are in February still experiencing frosty weather. My car was frozen over several mornings this week! And I hate the cold, love the dry weather but not the frosty temps. Thermal Couture, a 100 per cent Irish owned brand offers premium thermals for both men and women.  It’s not too late to order now, and even if we only have a few cold bouts facing us, you could have your thermals available from November onwards. With Climate Change, we never know when the seasons do a flip!

Founder of Thermal Couture Paul Huberman believes in a product that showcases high-quality materials and innovative designs, offering thermal clothing that is not only warm but fashionable. Made with 50per cent Cotton, 25 pc Viscose and 25pc Polyester, Thermal Couture items have a luxurious brushed finish, ensuring ultimate comfort and warmth for the skin during the chilly winter months.

Priced affordably at just €30 per garment, Thermal Couture’s collection is available in a light grey shade with blue trim tones that sit seamlessly under all types of clothing – from activewear to loungewear. Whether these premium thermals are used for hitting the slopes, exploring the great outdoors, or simply cosying up with a hot cup of tea by the fire, Thermal Couture guarantees comfort with its breathable, moisture-wicking, and odour-resistant features.

For more information or to purchase online, go to    Insta @thermalcouture and Tiktok: @thermalcouture

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