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Stylist and TV personality, Courtney Smith, is teaming up with Galaxy to showcase their newest advert which features Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn and her fabulous 1950s style.

Just like Audrey, the Galaxy girl is confident and empowered and knows what she wants. This is why Galaxy asked Malahide resident, Courtney, to be the campaign ambassador, as she ticks all the boxes. She is a self-made success and is taking the Irish fashion world by storm with regular contributions on Xpose and Ireland AM.

This week, Gazette Style talked to her about her involvement in the campaign, the 1950s style making a comeback and also what key trends should be lining our wardrobes this season.

“It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Galaxy, whenever anyone asks what is your guilty pleasure? I am like – it’s a bar of Galaxy,” she laughed.

“Audrey Hepburn is the style icon in the new ad and they really wanted to collaborate with someone in the Irish fashion industry too, who they said has the same attributes. In that I am young, busy working woman and I love fashion and style – they just thought the two married really well.

“I was delighted when they told me it was all around iconic 1950s style and Audrey Hepburn. When I first spoke with them they asked do I think it’s dated, I said ‘no’ because, just like chocolate, she is the type of icon that doesn’t really eliminate anyone.

“She was a bit of a tomboy so the girls who aren’t into pretty little dresses would still love her and she is a huge movie star, and she has that girly aspect, too.

“She is also known for being really intelligent and quirky, so I think loads of different people, even now, can still relate to her.

Since being part of the campaign, Courtney has enjoyed researching the style and started watching all Audrey’s movies. “It is funny how styles come full circle, it is actually a big trend at the moment. The way shirts are tied and the A-Line skirts, the Mac coats and all that sort of stuff, so I love revisiting it all.

According to Courtney, Audrey’s style is timeless.

“Looking at what she wore back then, the classic little black dress, the trench coat, the striped t-shirt with little cropped jeans – everything she wore is so dress-able now and we see it everywhere, its almost impossible to avoid  so she is timeless – a really great style role model.

Being from Malahide, she said people are “pretty up there in the style stakes” and as for Dublin street style, she said that’s were she gets a lot of inspiration from.

“I love people watching and seeing how, students especially, interpret styles because they will always put their own kind of quirky take on a trend that a magazine might not have thought of, or a catwalk might not have thought of. I always find that really interesting,” she told Gazette Style.

This season, she said there is a lot of stripe, monochrome and bold prints. “Bold colours but simple shapes, which is great because you can find things that fit you really well, but you’re still being on trend,” she added.

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