Spring wreaths trending this season

by Amy Rohu
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By Amy Rohu

When you think of front door wreaths, I’m sure you think of one thing. But, these circular decorations aren’t just reserved for the most wonderful time of the year.

The wreath has become a staple to our festive decorating, but what is this new version, the Spring wreath?

The Spring wreath is one of the biggest trends this year for our homes. While you are out on your 5KM walk, you can be nearly guaranteed you’ve seen at least a few of these donning front doors. They come in all styles from fresh flowers to faux blooms, from simple arrangements to ones that are scattered with little Easter eggs or ribbon.

While the concept isn’t completely brand new, the Spring wreath is getting some serious attention this year. It could be because we are all at home more and are looking for some other way to decorate our home, or, perhaps we want to welcome in the fresh new season with an even fresher new trend. Caoimhe from ‘Joys Flowers’ in Ranelagh said that while Christmas is their busiest time for making door wreaths, they have seen more demand recently.

“Traditionally Christmas time is our busiest time for making door wreaths, it’s an annual tradition that our customers just love. Since this time last year we have experienced an increase in demand for door wreaths, especially Spring and Easter. It is lovely to see it becoming a new tradition for our customers.”

When asked why she thinks they are gaining more popularity Caoimhe replied “I think people love to start a new season by hanging a wreath on their door. It is also a maintenance free way of adding a touch of colour and design to your front door.

With everyone out walking more than ever, it is lovely to walk by a house with a beautiful eye catching door wreath proudly displayed”.

If you would like to add a touch of colour to your front door, this could be the simple solution you were looking for, and it might bring some cheer to those walking by your home too.

All wreaths pictured are from Joys Flowers are for more information you can head to their website at joysflowers.ie

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