Recycle your kitchen glass with Glassbag

by Amy Rohu
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Amy Rohu

Recycling your empty bottles and jars is important, but isn’t always easy for most for us. With new Irish business Glassbag, the work is done for you and you don’t even need to leave the house.

Simply sign up to your preferred level and frequency of service, fill your Glassbag, and leave it outside on the date notified. Your glass waste will be collected and recycled, and your empty bag is ready to start filling again.

Read more in this weeks Dublin Gazette out in stores now

Simple, a time saver, and eco-friendly too! Each Glassbag holds up to 60 bottles or jars and the service is available as a one off, or on a subscription basis with collection every month, for as many bags as you require.

Currently operating across all of Dublin, visit to set up your preferred plan and get recycling today.

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