Find your Piece of the Future – from a limited collection of Chupi Black Diamond Pieces!

by Rose Barrett
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Chupi is delighted to announce the return of limited pieces of Black Diamonds.

After selling out last year in 20 minutes and due to popular customer demand, the Chupi design team has been curating a small collection of exclusive black diamonds and have paired them with some of our most loved Chupi pieces that customers know and love. But don’t delay, Chupi’s Black Friday offer runs till midnight Thursday., November 30!

Chupi is offering from 5-15% off online on selected pieces until midnight tonight!

Whether it’s to mark a milestone, an occasion, or purely for the pleasure of owning a beautiful piece, our new Black Diamond Collection is ideal for someone who wants a stand out heirloom. 

The Black Diamond Collection includes the desired You, Me & Magic, the Crown of Sky, and the Dreamer of Dreams, all recast with striking black diamonds. Presenting a different kind of glimmer than white diamonds, which refract the light (resulting in that famous ‘sparkle’), black diamonds reflect the light off their surface instead, creating a unique lustre.

“As the first generation of women to buy our own diamonds, we want something different,” says founder and CEO Chupi Sweetman. “Whether we’re talking lab-grown diamonds, grey diamonds, or these remarkable black diamond beauties, I adore a diamond with a story. Which is why I’m so excited to introduce some of our most-loved pieces reimagined in a Black Diamonds Collection.” 

This limited edition collection is now available, exclusively for Chupi’s Black Friday Early Access sale. The collection is available online and by enquiry in Dublin flagship store only, see

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