Beauty review: What can a CBD Massage do for you?

by Dublin Gazette
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We headed along to The Buff Spa on South King St to try their new CBD Massage, designed to help relieve pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Here’s what we thought…

Have you been curious about what CBD oil can do for you?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which has been praised for it’s properties that aid anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain. It’s become somewhat of a beauty buzzword in recent months, with many skincare companies infusing their products with CBD.

A new massage on offer from The Buff Spa does just that – massage oil is mixed with a CBD oil to directly target pressure points in the body, to aid in assisting pain, anxiety and insomnia through the art of massage.

It’s the first therapy of it’s kind on offer in Ireland, delivered by the talented hands of the Buff Spa’s therapist.

As someone who struggles with back pain and anxiety, I was curious to see what exact benefits could be provided from the massage in my first endeavour into the world of CBD and it’s properties.

An initial 15 minute consultation by my lovely massuse told me the impact that CBD can have on all kinds of pains, and on mental wellbeing, in addition to the history of CBD as a natural remedy and an anti-inflammatory.

The massage itself targeted specific points of stress and tension in the back. Be warned – it’s not as soothing as a massage may appear to be!

Indulging in the 30-minute back massage (there’s also a longer, full body version), specific points of tension in the back, arms and lower torso are targeted with oil infused with CBD, and talented hands working to remove knots.

Whilst slightly painful – in the best way possible – you walk away feeling refreshed. As someone who struggles with sleep, I had my best night’s sleep in months following the therapy.

As my therapist advised, the massages are best repeated depending on the level of tension in the back, with a daily dosage of CBD oil on the tongue advised as well.

She was knowledgeable about the properties of the oil, and was able to modify my consultation and subsequent advice to my daily life and routine, something that provided an extra edge.

In all, if you suffer with pains, anxiety or insomnia – this is definitely a therapy to try out in the new year.

The CBD massage €75 for 30 minute back massage treatment. For more information, visit The Buff Spa’s website here.

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