Baldoyle mum to launch Shapely Sock pop-up shop this week

by Dublin Gazette
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A first-time entrepreneur from Baldoyle is launching her first product this week, designed to make calves look fuller.

The Shapely Sock by Grainne Boylan is a new launch that aims to make calves look fuller, providing definition to fill boots or skinny jeans.

The undetectable and non-invasive way to enhance the appearance of legs is particularly suited to those with skinny calves and bowed legs.

The Shapely Sock is like a Wonderbra for legs, says Boylan, a fashion loving mother, scientist and now entrepreneur. The Baldoyle woman got the idea for the Shapely Sock following a conversation with her sister.

Grainne Boylan

Boylan said: “I designed the Shapely Sock for women like myself and my sister, who have skinny calves with poor muscle definition.

“We wished we could wear knee length and over the knee length boots, but because of skinny and bowed calves, these boots never looked good or felt right, the same with skinny jeans, so we sadly avoided wearing them.

“As a scientist who seeks solutions, it got me thinking about whether I could somehow resolve the problem of skinny calves so that I and others like me could feel comfortable and confident in the boots and jeans that we longed to wear.”

After five years of research and looking for the right manufacturer, the Shapely Sock has hit the market, with a pop-up shop taking place at Omni Shopping Centre from December 18 to December 20.

The Shapely Sock is an artfully crafted bamboo/cotton mix knee length sock, with an internal pouch, into which one puts a foam Shapely Shaper to form a curvier look. The bamboo viscose/combed cotton mix is softer and stronger than cotton alone, adding to the sock’s elasticity, durability, and comfort.

“Thanks to the Shapely Sock, I can now wear the boots and jeans I want, and my legs look beautifully shapely and curvaceous,” says Gráinne.

“I’m pleased I eventually found the solution I was seeking for myself and others to feel confident and look our best. Isn’t it time to give your curves a boost? Try the Shapely Sock so like me, you can buy the boots and jeans you want this season!”

For now, the Shapely Sock is available exclusively at at retail price €49. A special launch offer of 10% discount is available for a limited time by using code XmasSS10.

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