AUDI E-TRON S – Electrified Thrills.

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The e-tron was Audi’s first full production electric car when it was launched in Ireland in 2019 and is a significant car in the history of the German premium brand.

With the new e-tron came the introduction of a new design language for the electric age. Details such as its distinctive daytime running light signature, and electric charging flap on both sides, no exhaust pipes and stitching on the seats are all reminiscent of an electric circuit board, giving a clear signal that the e-tron is fully electric.

Hugely Impressive SUV.

The new e-tron S is Audi’s first electric S model and it is a hugely impressive piece of engineering that delivers in many areas, offering an appealing mix of massive performance with security, quality, refinement, technology and practicality all cocooned in an utterly stylish and sporty SUV body style. Delivering a mammoth 503PS (496bhp) and a thumping 973Nm of torque from its 95kWh battery, the e-tron S (with quattro all-wheel-drive as standard) can propel itself from 0-100km/h in just 4.5-seconds, and it has the ability to reach a limited top speed of 210km/h. Whereas the standard Audi e-tron features 2 electric motors, the more powerful e-tron S features 3 electric motors – one located towards the front of the car and 2 at the rear – confirming its position as the first mass-market vehicle to feature twin electric motors on the rear axle. The rear-biased driving experience from the e-tron S provides the ability to instantly take torque away from a single rear wheel when the car finds itself with one wheel in mud, snow or gravel and the other on solid ground. Externally, the new Audi e-tron S differs from a standard e-tron by way of a body kit in which the air intakes are wider, while 50mm wider wheel arch extensions contain mighty 21” alloy wheels, which add dramatic visual appeal.

Luxurious Space.

The cabin of the Audi e-tron S is supremely comfortable and spacious, and can accommodate up to five occupants with ease, while a 615-litre cargo area adds greatly to the e-tron’s practicality. A 60-litre storage area under the bonnet can accommodate the car’s charging cables, ensuring that boot space is maximised. Additionally, when the rear seat backs are folded flat, what you get is a load space of cavernous proportions. Displays in the new e-tron S feature OLED technology, and the Audi virtual cockpit comes with a new curved OLED screen. The e-tron S feels as beautifully built as any modern Audi, with quality materials covering every surface. There are swathes of leather, polished plastic and high grade metal trim, while getting comfortable in the car’s luxurious and supportive seats is never an issue.

Car on Review.

My review car was an Audi e-tron S which looked amazing in Navarra Blue metallic paint, with contrasting black leather upholstery. Standard specification is extremely comprehensive and includes key features such as LED lights front & rear, 20” alloy wheels, adaptive air suspension, Audi MMI Navigation Plus with MMI Touch Response, and electrically-adjustable heated leather seats, along with the very latest in safety and infotainment technology, and semi-autonomous drive features. On the road, the e-tron S is exceptionally quick, and always feels very well planted on the road, while supreme comfort, serenity and a real sense of occasion accompany occupants on every journey. Audi’s clever regenerative braking system harnesses energy which would otherwise be lost, and transfers this energy into enhanced battery range. Convenient steering wheel-mounted paddles enable the driver to adjust the intensity of the regenerative braking, and it is a system that works extremely well in practice. Unlike a combustion powered vehicle, the acceleration response in the e-tron S is instant (thanks to its 973Nm of torque), providing a thrilling driving experience in every respect. The e-tron S has an official range of up to 362km on a single charge, and with an ever-expanding charging network throughout Ireland, you can say goodbye to range anxiety. The e-tron S can be charged in a number of convenient ways – at home using a domestic socket or a specially fitted wall box charger, or on the road at a high-powered charging station. Where available, the e-tron S can be charged to 80% of its capacity in as little as 26 minutes at a 150kW charging station.


The extremely thrilling new Audi e-ton S excels with a fantastic blend of performance, comfort, refinement, practicality and desirability, with the added benefit of low running costs, annual road tax of just €120, and glorious serenity on the move. Pricing for the Audi e-tron fully-electric premium SUV starts at €73,515, with the immensely powerful e-tron S priced from €117,000.

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