Over 75kg of litter removed from Dublin beach

by Rachel Cunningham
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Rachel Cunningham

Over 75kg of litter was collected on Dollymount beach as part of the annual Clean Coasts volunteer day.

A total of 76kg of litter was removed from the Dublin beach, as part of An Taisce Clean Coasts ‘Big Beach Clean’ campaign, an annual call to action as part of the International Coastal Clean-up. 

A team of 30 volunteers from Nestlé’s office in Dublin took to the beach, armed with litter pickers and refuse sacks, to collect everything they could find from plastic wrappers and bags, to cans and bottles, old fishing equipment and discarded clothing.

The beach clean-ups are part of the Nestlé Cares programme, which facilitates up to 120,000 hours of volunteering every year from its Ireland and UK employees.

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